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Guided by Spinning® certified instructors to upbeat music, you will be taken through various cycling workouts, such as climbing, racing, endurance rides, and power sprints!  Highly specialized performance tracking during every ride provides the perfect motivation to challenge you to take it to the next level! 



Taking the outdoor experience and exhilaration of cycling and bringing it indoors. Spinning® is a cardio vascular exercise program suitable to all fitness levels based on exercise science, heart rate training, road cycling and a vital mind body connection to the movement and effort. Globally recognized and certified instructors will lead you through hills, flat roads, sprints and interval simulations encouraging riders to reach heights they never dreamed possible and overcome physical and mental obstacles on the bike to encourage them to accomplish more when they leave. Close your eyes pedal and this class will take you wherever you need to be.


Fusing the best things together - riding on the Spinner® bike for your cardio injection then getting off the bike for a total body conditioning workout with dumbbells and bands. With a variation of on and off bike times to keep your body always guessing. It's efficient, effective and safe. Including SpinFlex, and SpinYoga squeezing all your favorite things into one session.


Using the Spinning® program foundation and guidelines of lactate and anaerobic threshold training this high intensity Tabata protocol works in 4 minute blocks with above 80% max hear rate efforts for 20 second and 10 second recovery. A long warm up is followed by series of short hard efforts on various hilly and flat roads. Due to the intensity this class is designed for advanced riders who have at least 8 weeks of more of regular Spinning® class attendance and should be done no more than once per week in conjunction with other aerobic conditioning training.


Recovery Energy Zone rides provide balanced training, also called “active recovery”. Recovery EZ rides are intentionally easy and an option to taking the day off completely. Active recovery has been proven to flush out excess lactic acid from the muscles and increasing circulation throughout the body. Recovery rides promote healing and circulate oxygen to tired muscles after strenuous exercise. Best of all, Recovery rides actually increase your work capacity and can contribute to improved athletic performance.