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Tailoring your program and workouts to your needs, abilities, and level and bringing about results and satisfaction as you are personally supported throughout your fitness journey.


Whether you are just starting an exercise program or looking for some variety in your existing program, your Personal Trainer will help you reach your goals. Learn the different weight training and cardiovascular equipment and receive personal instruction on exercise technique. Personal Trainers offer in-depth education and motivation needed to guide you towards lifetime fitness. Available as one-on-one, partners or small groups up to 4 people members can also choose from any of our group exercise classes to be delivered as private sessions.


The Spinning 8-Week Weight Loss Program is not a diet—it's a plan you can live with forever. This program provides structure without strict menus or dependency, and results are based on lasting lifestyle changes. The program integrates healthy, sustainable eating habits with heart rate training to help students achieve peak fitness and lowered body fat.